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What is AR?

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is a technology that allows you to combine the physical world with the virtual world using a technological device. Scan our posters or books with a free scanning app on your smartphone or tablet to reveal animated content, videos, sound files and web pages. 

Screen timer

Why augmented reality?

Thanks to augmented reality (AR) technology, the creatures from the natural world are brought to life on your smartphone or tablet.

AR offers a multi-sensory experience. We are better at absorbing and recalling new knowledge if multiple senses are utilised.

How can you moderate screen time?

We are building timers into our interactive e-learning portal to ensure a healthy use of our site.

What are you creating next?


Sustainable Family Course

Our course to support families to live sustainably.


Mighty Network: Sustainable family

Our Mighty Network community group for green families.


Factual phonics scheme with augmented reality

A UK-first factual, conservation-focused phonics scheme with augmented reality.


Nature posters with augmented reality

A series of nature posters with augmented reality.


Companion e-learning sites

Companion e-learning sites to access through our posters.


Buttercup interactive learning

A free mini e-learning portal.

Other exciting ideas are currently under wraps 

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