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Box Info

A quarterly box of seasonal nature activities for kids ages 4 to 8, each box comes with 12 or more nature activity sheets and an augmented reality nature print. The activities motivate kids to get outdoors and explore the natural world while also supporting them in taking eco and conservation action for themselves and their families. 

Rachel is on a mission to ensure that the activities in the box have a positive impact on the environment. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our packaging also adheres to this practice! 

We only work with suppliers who share our values. Our entire packaging is recyclable. Our branded washi tape is made of rice paper, contains no toxic adhesive and is printed with vibrant vegan inks made from soy. After use, the tape is both home and commercially compostable, decomposing completely in 180 and 90 days, respectively. It can also be recycled curbside after use. Priory Direct, a B Corp certified UK company, supplies our letterboxes. The boxes are made from recycled materials, recyclable and reusable. Our yellow tissue paper is recyclable and biodegradable, and it can be used for crafts or gift wrapping for children. Share your upcycled and repurposed boxes and tissue on social media to win prizes! 

Once you’ve finished with our plastic-free stickers, they can be disposed of in regular compost (though keep in mind that these will take longer than regular fruit and vegetables (and even longer if the conditions are colder)).

The backing paper can be recycled with your regular household recycling.

Our nature activity sheets are printed to order on FSC certified paper. Our printer delivers our orders in eco-friendly recycled cardboard boxes with recycled packing paper, corrugated cardboard and paper packing tape. They are ISO accredited for ISO 14001 Environmental and all their inks are sustainably produced.

Our boxes are intended for children ages 4 to 8. To reduce paper cuts, the corners of our activity sheets have been rounded. 

The worksheets have been designed to be read by children aged 7 and up, with some support needed for scientific words. With reading support, younger kids will enjoy completing the activities. We advise having an adult oversee outdoor foraging and craft sessions. 

The number of activity sheets in each box can be doubled if you have more than one child. 

Our activities have been designed to be low-cost and simple to carry out. Our craft activities are designed to be made with natural materials or objects from your recycling bin, as well as art supplies that most families have on hand. 

To make sure that subscribers receive a range of outdoor activities, we are producing content and activities on a four-year cycle. 

Yes! Lots of our activities can be adapted to work with balconies, window boxes, and visits to the local park. 

Managing Subscriptions

A box costs £20 for a solo box and £25 for a sibling box. The price includes postage and packaging.

All subscriptions are set to automatically renew. However, you have complete control. You can pause or cancel your quarterly subscription at any time. At the end of an annual subscription, you can pause or cancel your subscription.

We take your first payment immediately for both annual and quarterly subscribers. Payment for quarterly subscribers is taken on the first of each month. 

Yes, go to past boxes and order the one you would like. 

You can cancel at any time by logging into your account. If you can’t remember your account password and email address, contact and we can cancel it for you. Please note that if you don’t want to pay and receive your next quarterly box, you will need to cancel before the 17th of the month prior to the quarterly rebilling dates of 1st April, 1st June, 1st September and 1st December at the latest. You will receive any boxes that were paid for before you cancelled your subscription. 

Cancelling an annual subscription so that it does not renew for the next year does not cancel or refund any shipped boxes.

If you are going away and don’t want your box to be delivered, you can pause your subscription. You can do this by logging into your account. Please note that this means you won’t receive that quarter’s box. To ensure payment and delivery are not made for the quarter you want to skip, you will need to pause the subscription by the 17th of the month.

You can update your details in your account. Changes need to be made by the 17th of each month to ensure that your box is delivered to the correct address and payment can be taken for subscriptions. 

If you are currently on a annual subscription plan for our nature curious box and require a refund, please contact us at

We will charge you for the subscription box that you have already received at the rate of £20 and refund the remainder to your original payment method.

Please note that if you don’t want to receive your next subscription box, you will need to cancel before the 17th of the month.

You will always receive any boxes that you paid for before you cancelled.

We will also offer refunds on returned, unopened boxes that are received within 14 days of original delivery. All refunds will be processed using the original payment method.  

Your refund will cover the entire cost of the returned goods, including any applicable taxes, but not the cost of original or return shipping.

Gifting Nature Curious

You can choose to give a set number of Nature Curious boxes without signing up for the auto renewing subscription. Choose between one, two, or four boxes. At the cart, you can add a gift message, and this will be included as a printout in the first box. 


We ship in the UK. Shipping within the EU is prohibitively expensive. We are looking at offering a digital download subscription worldwide.

We offer free shipping on box orders.

Email and we will contact our couriers and/or post office to track your order. 

We try to ensure all boxes are complete. Sometimes items can go missing or be damaged in transit. If you receive a faulty item, please contact us within 30 days of receiving the item to notify us of the fault. You can contact us at Please include your order number, a description of the fault, and any photos or videos that may help us assess the issue.

We will provide you with instructions on how to return the faulty item to us. If we determine that the item is indeed faulty, we will offer you the choice of a refund or replacement, including any postage costs incurred in returning the item.


Augmented reality is a technology that allows you to combine the physical world with the virtual world using a technological device. Scan our posters or books with a free scanning app on your smartphone or tablet to reveal animated content, videos, sound files and web pages.

Thanks to augmented reality (AR) technology, the creatures of the natural world are brought to life on your smartphone or tablet.

AR offers a multi-sensory experience. We are better at absorbing and recalling new knowledge if multiple senses are utilised.

How can you moderate screen time?

We are building timers into our interactive e-learning portal to ensure healthy use of the site.

Please download UniteAR from the app store or Google Play. For now, please use the UniteAR app on your Apple or Google smart device until we release our own app later this year.