Curious About Nature Podcast

Let’s rewild childhood.

Rachel host of the Curious About Nature Podcast poses in front of an illustration of families and children exploring nature and being active.

Season 1

Welcome to the Curious About Nature Podcast hosted by Rachel Mills, founder of Buttercup Learning. A podcast for individuals, parents, carers, teachers and home educators interested in exploring the natural world and finding fun ways to connect our young people with nature.

In our podcast, Rachel explores sustainable living, nature connections and rewilding childhood with her guests. This season we bring you episodes on worm farming, carbon footprint, the sharing economy, citizen science and rewilding childhood through working the land and learning about nature in plastic-free magazines. Huge thanks to our fabulous guests. Hope you enjoy it as much as we have in creating it. Please subscribe and share.

Ep 1: Curious About Twigs Magazine

Twigs Magazine founder Clare Carney and her young son

Rachel interviews Clare Carney founder of Twigs Magazine.

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Ep 2: Curious About Carbon Footprints

Eamonn Galvin from Know Carbon explores carbon footprints with Rachel.

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Ep 3: Curious About Biodiversity

Marian Hill shares her biodiversity illustration project

Marian Hill – Artist and Illustrator explores biodiversity through her Buzz and Scuttle art and ecology project. With tips to increase biodiversity in your garden.

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Ep 4: Curious About Tentshare

Rebecca Heaps founder of Tentshare sitting holding an enamel camping mug in front of a diagram showing the circularity of tent sharing. Sharing is good for the planet.

Rebecca Heaps – Founder of Tentshare discusses how sharing leads to supporting the local community and economy along with positive impacts on the planet. Her tent sharing platform supports people to rent and hire out their tents; creating a carbon-reducing camping community.

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Ep 5: Curious About Worm Farming

Anna de la Vega – from the Urban Worm chats to Rachel about how earthworms play a crucial role in creating healthy, biodiverse soil and how we can protect the earth from the damage caused by pollution and synthetic fertilisers.

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Ep 6: Curious About Citizen Science

Curious About Citizen Science with Niall Riddell.

Niall Riddell – Paua’s co-founder, discusses his amazing journey as a citizen scientist. Get inspired to take part in nature projects with your family and support ecology projects all over the world.

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Ep 7: Curious About Volunteering On Organic Small Holdings Around Europe

Curious About Volunteering On Organic Small Holdings Around Europe with Emma Hewlett.

Emma Hewlett – Copy-editor and proofreader for purpose-led businesses traveled around Europe in their rusty and leaky LDV Convoy called Betsy. This was a catalyst for a life-changing year discovering what really matters; family, connection and stillness in nature.

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Ep 8: Curious About Supporting Children’s Wellbeing Through Nature

Kirsty Ketley supporting children's wellbeing through time in nature

Kirsty Ketley qualified early years and parenting expert, freelance parenting writer and co-founder of the Parenthood app talks about how we can support our children’s wellbeing through connecting with nature.

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Ep 9: Curious About Travel & Mental Health

Rachel chats to Rishal Patel (Freelancer Content Creator & V.A at Buttercup) candidly about his mental health and how he is connecting to nature through travel.

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Ep 10: Curious About Organic Controls for Plant Pests

Rachel talks to Tessa from Ladybird Plantcare about natural and organic pest control in your garden. Tessa shares some tips on good bugs that eat other bugs. Discover how to control pests by boosting the population of the pest’s natural predator.

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Ep 11: Curious About Beekeeping

Helen Rogers is pictured outside beekeeping with a larger image showing a close up of honeybees and a honeycomb.

Rachel talks to Helen from Highgate Honey. Helen Rogers shares her beekeeping journey at Highgate Honey, bee facts and nature resources with Rachel.

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