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We are rewilding childhood

On average, our kids spend less than an hour outside each day. Yet studies show that exposure to nature can have significant positive effects on both their health and education. 

We help you spend more time outdoors with our blend of digital and physical nature activities for busy modern families. And we’d love to help you.

I’m Rachel, the founder of Buttercup Learning. I’m a mum, animator and educator, with a passion for nature, life-long learning and protecting the environment.

Playing outside as a child, I grew up with a sense of adventure and curiosity, gaining confidence and independence, through having the freedom to explore. My mum studied environmental science for her primary school teacher qualification and my dad was an avid amateur wildlife photographer, so their interests have inspired my journey too.

As a teen, I attended a summer school on botanical illustration. I then studied visual communication, specialising in children’s book illustration and animation. I was recognised for my nature-based animations produced at university by BFI New Talent and went on to do animation for children and adults’ TV.

I’ve taught in settings from primary to university and, as a lecturer, I’ve supported students with conservation briefs and campaign animation. My desire to focus on my own projects became stronger once I became a mum.

I’ve been most inspired by my daughter (now 7). She’s always had a voracious appetite for knowledge of the natural world and I wanted to support this. 

I looked for online learning resources around sustainable living and the natural world, but the phonics schemes were mainly focused on narrative fiction. I felt I could use my skills to create factual content, tap into children’s natural curiosity about how the world works and have a positive impact on society. 

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And so, Buttercup was born. It enables me to share my creativity with you, follow my heart, help protect the environment and spend more time with my daughter.

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As a lecturer, I’ve also noticed that students are increasingly lacking confidence and struggling with their mental health.

Buttercup is all about helping your family create opportunities for your child to develop these skills, through discovery and adventure, wherever you may live and whatever resources you have. 

As individuals and collectively as the human race, there is still so much to discover about the natural world. I love the conversations I have with like-minded people on my podcast and I come away buzzing, after hearing stories of positive actions being taken by conservation scientists, families and individuals.

My own sense of curiosity, wonder and excitement has never diminished and I want to encourage a love of life-long learning for you and your children.

Meet the rest of the Buttercup Learning team

Everyone on my team at Buttercup Learning has been carefully selected for their knowledge, skills, and passion for nature and the environment.

Join our community for life long learning

Just like a child, at Buttercup our learning journey never ends. Just like it never stops for you on your parenting journey.

We have lots of exciting plans, we invite you to join us.

To follow our progress and be among the first to hear when new products are ready to try, sign up for our mailing list using the form below. You’ll also get our Nature Family Club newsletter, packed full of resources, ideas and advice for supporting your child to engage with the natural world.
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