Explore outdoors with the nature activity box

Physical, online and augmented-reality learning and nature play for future eco-warriors aged 4 to 8.

Nature-based activities with learning baked in

Seasonal subscription boxes

A seasonal subscription box containing one of our AR prints, a physical activity and access to unique digital resources in our private online community

Butterflies poster

Augmented reality prints

Beautifully designed interactive prints with augmented reality built in to encourage children to explore the natural world

a blue keyboard and tablet showing the greenhouse effect

Online learning platform

A subscription-based nature-inspired learning and community platform, linked to the seasons and suitable for both hemispheres

Building a generation of planet champions and protectors

At Buttercup Learning we believe that technology can be a powerful starting point to get modern children outside. Our goal is to help everyday parents give their kids a connected experience of childhood, and the tools and the mindset they need to help protect the planet.

A girl enjoys bubbles and natural world outdoors.

Good for your little one, good for the planet

Our products are designed to help protect people and the planet just as they encourage children to do.

  • Low carbon
  • Plastic free
  • Multi-sensory
  • Accessible
A beaming black little girl holds up the great British bee poster with augmented reality outside next to a backdrop of trees.
a girl in a blue and purple checked top plays with a rope swing in a brook.

Are you home educating?

Find out more about how our sustainable nature play-based learning resources can be used as part of your curriculum.

Frequently asked questions

Isn’t screen time bad for kids?

We know that too much screen time can be detrimental to children. That’s why we use it as a starting point to encourage them to get outdoors and take their play into the natural world. Our e-learning platform has timers built in to remind little learners – and their grown ups – that it’s time for a screen break.

Got a different question? Get in touch and we’ll do our very best to answer it.

How long do I have to subscribe for?

You can get a one off box or subscribe for a year to get all four seasons at a slight discount.

[More to come]

A boy with afro hair picks dandelions in a field, enjoying outdoor learning through nature play.

Free resources and learning

Curious About Nature Podcast

Buttercup founder Rachel Mills hosts the Curious About Nature podcast, featuring guests from teachers to beekeepers to tent sharers, discussing topics like carbon footprints, mindfulness in nature, and the circular economy.

The Buttercup Blog

Discover tips for sustainable living, ways to boost children’s mental health, instructions for scavenger hunts and nature play, interviews with eco heroes and all sorts of other activities, advice and inspiration on the Buttercup Blog.

6 Benefits of playing in the Rain - Kirsty Ketley

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