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Let’s put the eco into e-learning

Our books and posters with augmented reality act as portals to sustainable, ecological and natural-world e-learning.

Interactive and engaging eco education for kids

Marine Life Poster

Children’s Posters with Augmented Reality

Insects Alphabet book mock up

Children’s Books with Augmented Reality

a child's hand hovers over a tablet with phonics and words written on the screen in black with yellow buttons


A beaming black little girl holds up the great British bee poster with augmented reality outside next to a backdrop of trees.

What we are creating

We make one-of-a-kind nature posters with augmented reality for your child. Designed and printed on demand in the UK.

  • 100% sustainable education 
  • 100% plastic free
  • 100% beautiful


Poster features


with augmented reality

reveal eye popping creatures with our FREE AR app.

Outstanding multi sensory learning experiences on the natural world and its creatures.


sustainably printed

print on demand at your home or delivered to your doorstep from our UK Printer.

We work with Inkthreadable a UK print-on-demand service that has a strong commitment to being an ethical and environmentally aware business. Our posters are printed with water-based inks. They’re OEKO-TEX® approved (they don’t contain any regulated or unregulated chemicals harmful to the environment). Inkthreadable also offset their Carbon Footprint.


plastic free

zero plastic in our poster packaging.

The packaging used to ship all orders is 100% plastic free (with the exception of framed prints, which use a biodegradable bubble wrap for protection).


Beautiful as a traditional poster

our poster looks good on a classroom wall, home office, or child’s bedroom.

Our posters have been designed to work equally well as traditional artwork.


Factually accurate

clear, accessible facts.

We fact check all our posters so they contain the latest environmental science content.


Clear positive action steps

discover positive steps you can take to live more sustainably.

All our posters connect to a poster-specific companion e-learning site filled with positive actions and learning materials.

Our educational content is easy to engage with

Option 1: Order a print-on-demand poster from our store to be delivered.

Option 2: Download and print the poster at home.

Download the UniteAR app

Open the UniteAR app, position your smartphone or tablet over the poster. The content will open instantly for you to enjoy and explore the layers of educational content. Click the button to access the poster’s companion e-learning site.

saving the planet

one young eco warrior at a time


Take a sneak peek at our most recent nature poster collections.

Supporting UK Key Stages & National Outdoor Curriculum

Fun and accessible educational content

View across all devices


A boy with afro hair picks dandelions in a field.

Who we are

Buttercup Learning is founded by professional animation producer and educator, Rachel Mills. Bringing together an online team of primary educational specialists, illustrators, animators, environmental scientists and AR developers. We share a passion for nature and education.

The Buttercup Vision

At Buttercup, we want to support children to become lifelong learners who seek knowledge at whatever stage of life they’re in.

A girl enjoys bubbles outside.

Our Philosophies

At Buttercup, we believe that for younger children, play is learning.

a girl in a blue and purple checked top plays with a rope swing in a brook.

For Buttercup, the love for learning starts by exploring the outside world.

Join our community


a girl in a wheelchair scatters seeds into a vegetable plot, while a boy in a sailor suit digs and a girl waters the growing vegetables. Text says sustainable family clubhouse drop in audio.

Search for the Sustainable Family Club on Clubhouse or Mighty Networks

Join us on clubhouse – Fridays at 9.30am GMT. Supporting you with sustainable living tips.

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