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Phonics, literacy and conservation come together in our augmented reality children's books

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mock up of our insects book with augmented reality. A brown butterfly perches on a daisy stem with the text Insects' Alphabet

In development

Nature and conservation phonics scheme

Insects’ Alphabet

Our augmented reality book range will offer outstanding multi-sensory learning experiences and vividly illustrated compelling stories about nature in one’s own backyard.

Aimed at ages 4–6. Supporting literacy and early readers

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Printed on-demand, in the UK or US, to reduce resources and waste

Introducing our first book in the series: Insects’ Alphabet

Watch with delight as our eye-popping augmented reality insects come to life and out of the pages of the book. Our book series will help you and your child explore scientific and conservation facts about nature together.

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With crowdfunding support, we will be bringing you cutting-edge augmented reality nature books for children aged 4–6.

Our initial crowdfunding campaign launched on Monday 2nd March 2020 for our first book in the series, the Insects’ Alphabet. We successfully raised £2,185 from 51 supporters over 28 days, to create our demo product. A huge thanks to everyone who supported our campaign with a pledge. 

Our Insects’ Alphabet book aims to support ages 4–6 with their developing literacy skills. It introduces our unique phonics scheme, a UK-first non-fiction factual reader. Children are fascinated by the world around them, and this book and others in the series will tap into that curiosity. 

We want to ensure the next generation has the knowledge, tools and confidence to engage in taking action with their families to save our wildlife. Insect populations are declining and a planet without insects will be devasting for all life on earth. We still have time to make impactful changes if we all act now, no matter how old or young we are. 

Our children are exposed daily to stories on climate change. Our book will ensure they don’t feel powerless, by offering them simple activities and actions they can take in their own communities and schools.

Through further funding we are aiming to bring the first book in the series to your bookshelf before the end of 2022.

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A c shaped yellow, black striped and orange spotted caterpillar east a greeen leaf

Learn the insect alphabet

A young child in an orange top points to their eye and places a hand behind their ear to show they are using multiple sense.

Multi-sensory learning

An illustration of a child's hand points to words and phonics on a tablet.

In line with phonics schemes in UK

White flowers burst from a book

Learn to read and be a nature explorer

A white tailed bumblebee flies through the air reading a blue covered book

Combining conservation and literacy

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mock up of our insects book with augmented reality. A brown butterfly perches on a daisy stem with the text Insects' Alphabet

in development

Nature and conservation phonics scheme.

Insects’ Alphabet

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Outdoor Learning

Our book encourages young children to explore the world around them.

Multi-Sensory Learning

Studies show that new learning is better recalled if multiple senses are utilised.