Phonics Books

Phonics, literacy and conservation come together in our augmented reality children's books

Introducing our first book in the series: Insects’ Alphabet

Watch with delight as our eye-popping augmented reality insects come to life and out of the pages of the book. Our book series will help you and your child explore scientific and conservation facts about nature together.

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In development

Insects’ Alphabet

Nature and conservation phonics scheme

Our augmented reality book range will offer outstanding multi-sensory learning experiences and vividly illustrated compelling stories about nature in one’s own backyard.

  • Aimed at ages 4–6. Supporting literacy and early readers
  • Reveal augmented reality insects with our free companion app
  • Printed on-demand, in the UK or US, to reduce resources and waste

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Buy a book from our book series

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Download the Zubr app

Step 3

Open the Zubr app, position your smartphone or tablet over the book page
The content will open instantly for you to enjoy and explore the layers of educational content.