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December 2, 2021

Sustainable Gift Ideas

Here's our list of sustainable gift ideas that aren't just more 'stuff' to clutter up the house, that will be enjoyed by all of your friends and family!  For the kids...  Buttercup offers a seasonal subscription box that includes a…

Here’s our list of sustainable gift ideas that aren’t just more ‘stuff’ to clutter up the house, that will be enjoyed by all of your friends and family! 

For the kids… 

  1. A subscription to our Nature Curious Box

Buttercup offers a seasonal subscription box that includes a series of nature-based learning; that supports English, maths and environmental science plus nature craft activities for all seasons. Designed with sustainable plastic-free packaging.

  1. Memberships to their favourite local attractions 

Do your kids love animals? Get them a membership for their local conservation park! Or are they always full of beans? Get them a membership to a local trampoline park! The list of local attractions is endless, and membership is a gift that keeps on giving well after Christmas. 

  1. A Whirli subscription 

Whirli is a subscription-based toy box, where you can borrow 1,000s of different new toys and return them whenever you want. Return any toy that is no longer liked for a new one. Your kids will have plenty to do with Whirli but you won’t have to worry about your house becoming too cluttered! 

For the mums… 

  1. A Tentree gift card 

Tentree is a clothing company where every piece of apparel purchased comes with a code that means you can plant your own trees. As well as being sustainable, they strive to be accessible and comfortable for all. 

  1. A Gently Used Book Club Subscription 

The Gently Used Book Club offers quality pre-loved books individually selected to match your reading taste, delivered right to your door. You could gift this by either getting a subscription box, or buying them a gift box. All of their packagings is also completely recyclable. 

  1. A Bundlee subscription 

Bundlee is the perfect solution for any new mums out there who are struggling to keep up with their fast-growing baby. By subscribing to Bundlee, you are able to choose baby clothes and exchange them for bigger sizes once your child has outgrown them. This way, you won’t have a bunch of outgrown baby clothes taking up precious space, and it’s good for the environment as well. 

For the dads… 

  1. An experience 

If you don’t know what to give someone as a gift, an experience can be a perfect choice. There are many websites where you can either book an experience or purchase a voucher for them to use to book an experience of their choice, such as Airbnb, Tinggly, or if you’re local to Bristol, Yuup

  1. An eco-friendly razor 

Think of all the plastic rubbish your dad creates when he throws away his blunt, single-use razors. Instead, you can treat them to a reusable metal razor, eliminating this waste. There are many different brands out there, such as Jungle Culture’s Unisex Reusable Safety Razor (which even comes in different colours). Instead of buying them a random gift, how about buying them something they’ll actually use? 

For the teens… 

  1. Vegan or sustainable, yet still fashionable, trainers 

All teens need a pair of trainers, so why not get them a pair that causes less harm to the planet? The majority of brands offer sustainable alternatives, or you can buy a pair from a fully sustainable/vegan brand. Some options include these vegan stylish Superdry trainers, or these off-white sleek trainers from ethical and sustainability committed brand Everlane. 

  1. Headspace membership 

When teens are growing and developing, their emotions can take a toll, so maintaining mindfulness is important during this time. It might help if you get them a subscription to Headspace, which delivers guided meditation sessions that help them improve mindfulness, handle stress, and sleep better.  

For the nature lovers… 

  1. National Trust membership 

A National Trust membership is the perfect gift for someone who loves nature! By joining, your loved one can enjoy free entry to over 500 different places, access to the National Trust members area, and deliveries of National Trust publications throughout the year. 

For those trying zero waste… 

Bees wax or vegan wax wraps
  1. A zero waste starter kit 

What could be more useful than a zero waste starter kit for people trying to reduce their waste? The kit includes a vegan backpack, bamboo water bottle, bamboo coffee cup, and bamboo straws. A perfect gift to help kickstart a zero-waste journey.

  1. Reusable food wraps 

As an alternative to plastic, reusable food wraps are a great idea for taking lunch to school or work, taking food with you while out, or even storing food in the fridge. We love this Beeswrap lunch set or this vegan wax food wrap sets for those avoiding animal products.

Still stuck on gift ideas? Why not gift a Buttercup AR print? With a choice between our Great British Bee Print, our British Garden Birds Print, our British Marine Life Print, and British Butterflies Print prices starting from just £12, our educational prints are ideal gifts for nature-loving kids and will aid your children’s relationship with the natural world. 

We hope that this has helped you sort out your shopping list, and we wish you a lovely festive season with all your friends and family! 

Happy Christmas shopping, 

The Buttercup Learning Team 

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