Nature art prints with augmented reality

Step into a World of Wonder: Interactive Prints Bring Nature to Life for Digital Kids

Using augmented reality technology, our British wildlife prints come to life on your smartphone or tablet, sparking your child’s imagination and engaging them in hands-on learning. 

With fun and educational content that teaches conservation action steps, your child will be inspired to take their learning beyond the screen and into the real world.

a gran, mum and daughter engage in augmented reality nature on a tablet. The girl looks at it in amazement.

Pick your child's next adventure

Choose an art print, which we will print and deliver to you, or a download, which you can access right away and print at home.

Art Print Digital Download features

  • with augmented reality

    reveal animated creatures with our FREE AR app. Outstanding multi sensory learning experiences. Aid the discovery of the natural world and its creatures.

  • Beautiful as a traditional print

    our digital downloads look good printed off and on a classroom wall, home office, or child’s bedroom. Our beautiful illustrations stand out with or without AR.

  • print what you need for your family or classroom

    print on demand at your home.

  • Clear positive action steps

    discover positive steps you can take to live more sustainably. Our digital downloads connect to a nature design-specific companion e-learning site filled with learning materials.

  • green hosted

    our website is powered with 100% renewable energy. The site has also been optimised, to reduce its carbon emissions, for example, by decreasing page load time.

  • Factually accurate

    clear, accessible facts. We fact-check our art print downloads to ensure they contain the latest environmental science content.

Birds AR print

The prints are an incredibly ingenious concept, the like of which I haven’t seen before. The attention to detail is incredible, not only in the stunningly beautiful illustrations, but also in the information you can uncover when you use the AR viewer. The accompanying birdsong is both beautiful and mesmerising!

My children are beyond interested in skeletons and body parts and so the depiction of the bird skeleton and wing was just up their street and consumed a fair amount of time for them to check all the individual bones and parts. The information supplied on the accompanying linked website is so simply expressed and perfectly directed at both children and their parents alike. We always take part in the RSPB’s annual Big Garden Birdwatch and wait for the results each year with interest, but the changing numbers make even more sense now we have combined our findings with the facts we have read thanks to Buttercup Learning.

We also particularly love the positive recommendations for what we can do or change to help protect our bird population and this entire experience has opened up a hugely useful and interesting conversation at home about the kind of changes we need to make to do so. This print certainly helped to while away a rainy, blustery afternoon in a massively positive and informative way.”


product tester at review studio

Our educational content is easy to engage with


Option 1: Order a physical print
Option 2: Download and print at home.


Save our WebAR viewer URL to your smart device. No need to download an app.


Open the WebAR viewer URL, position your smartphone or tablet over the art print.

The content will open for you to enjoy and explore the layers of educational content. Click the button to access the companion e-learning site.