scavenger activity sheet

Nature Scavenger Hunt & Colouring Activity Sheet


Nature Exploring Time

Children learn from nature, use our free digital download to encourage your child to discover and play in nature.

Our worksheet is free to download.

Print off and share with your children for nature exploration. Can you hunt and find all the items in the nature scavenger hunt?

Activities include:

Cloud Spotting and use of imagination.

Identifying and drawing ladybird spots. Good for both observation, discussion and simple counting.

Nature printing with berries. Messy fun! Good for practising stamping and pincer grip for young writers.

Exploring snail shells; is great as a starting point to discuss biodiversity and predators and prey or patterns in nature.

Bird identification from feathers.

Leaf and tree identification.

Measuring and sizing to find the tallest daisy.

Exploring for spiders encourages young children to appreciate bugs and insects.

Drawing and colouring support pen and pencil control to encourage young writers to form letters.


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