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Bring Bees to life.

Our augmented reality poster is the ideal educational tool for budding enviro-scientists. This product is offered as a digital download and can be printed at home at A4 size. In addition, you can print the digital file at A3 or A2 size by sending it to a local printer.  Scan the printed poster with our free augmented reality app to reveal our educational content. 

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Looking for an easy and fun way to teach your little ones about the importance of bees? Look no further than our augmented reality bee print! Perfect for budding enviro-scientists, this product is a cost-effective digital download that you can print at home in A4 size. Need a bigger size? No problem! Simply send the digital file to your local printer and print it in A3 or A2 size. With our free augmented reality app, you and your kids can enjoy hours of interactive educational content right from your own garden.

The AR app brings the static download to life, revealing layers of educational content that will inspire and educate.

Stunning illustrations and diagrams of a bee’s internal organs will captivate your child’s imagination, while an animated video of a leafcutter bee will bring the fascinating world of bees to life.

But our bee print is more than just a fun and engaging educational tool – it’s a call to action. With a link to a webpage on insects and biodiversity, your child will learn about the vital role bees play in our ecosystem and how we can all work together to save them from extinction. Our companion linked e-learning mini-site explores the anatomy of British bees and offers tips on how we can support these vital pollinators in our own gardens.

Get your kids excited about the outdoors and inspire them to take action to protect the environment with our bee print.

The free companion UniteAR app is available on the Google play store and the Apple app store. Please note that older smart devices may not support AR content.


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