Ethical Policy

Buttercup Learning’s purpose is to positively impact the world by helping families connect with nature and protect wildlife. We work hard to reduce our negative impact on society and the environment. Our aim is to provide real benefits to the world through education.

We refuse to work with brands or suppliers who don’t follow laws and regulations. We review suppliers’ ethical policies and verify that their teams are supported. We bank with Starling Bank, one of the most socially and environmentally responsible banks in the UK.

At Buttercup Learning, we support our team in various ways:

All employees are paid fairly. Regardless of age, they are paid more than the UK government’s National Living Wage. We are working towards accreditation as a living wage employer.

We provide coaching to all team members, whether it’s personal or work-related.

We promote fairness and equality. We respect team members’ opinions and value everyone as equal partners.

We recruit women in tech to address the gender gap in the field.

We prioritise mental health by providing our employees with Headspace subscriptions. We encourage open discussions about their well-being. We offer flexible working hours and locations to promote a healthy work-life balance.

We provide fair opportunities for interns by paying them for work that is used for commercial purposes. They are always credited. We follow all equal opportunity laws and regulations.

We invest 1% of our profits in grassroots initiatives that support people and create change at a local level.

We have taken an ethical marketing pledge.

We respect our customers’ privacy and aim to communicate inclusively, truthfully, and clearly about our products and services.

We count on our customers to hold us accountable and to connect with us if we fail to honour our pledge.