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January 15, 2020

Plastic-free Playtime

Are you swimming in a sea of plastic toys? Children's toys have the habit of taking over the house. To keep your home tidy we have some tips.

Top Tips to Reduce Plastic

1. Toy Swap & Toy Libraries

With toy libraries, you can sometimes borrow toys from your local library or community group. Great idea for when your kids want to change things up. Also, a good way to test whether a toy has staying power before you consider purchasing it. 

Online toy libraries, companies like Whirli are great for getting families involved in gifting a subscription. You choose the toys you want to hire from their site, then have unlimited playtime. When your child is ready to return the toys, they can return it in the pre-paid box and choose another.

2. Plastic Free Party Gifts

Encourage experience days as gifts rather than toys. Ditch the plastic toys in party bags and gift a book or an edible homemade gift.

3. Second Hand

Buy second-hand from charity shops and online groups.

Donate unwanted toys to charity or a school group.

4. Support Local & Sustainable

Look out for toys that are made locally, ditch the miles.

Buy toys made from sustainably sourced materials and with limited packaging.

5. Get outdoors to spark their imagination

Encourage imaginative play, craft and storytelling with found objects around the house.

Get outdoors and do a nature scavenger hunt.

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