Our philosophy

At Buttercup Learning, we believe that children are born with innate curiosity and an affinity to the world around them. Our goal is to encourage and facilitate self-led learning and inspire children to be more environmentally aware, creating advocates for the natural world.

Our values and promises



We will work to ensure that children across the globe have access to our educational content by offering free educational materials that are as considered as our paid tier.



We will uphold the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice.



We will ensure that all of our content is produced to a high standard, that it is aesthetically pleasing, rigorously user tested, and never dumbed down or childish.



We will create content that can be trusted, that has scientific rigour and has been fact-checked and reviewed by teachers for clarity of message for our young audiences.



We will always take an optimistic stance on the world’s problems, rooted in the belief that we and all generations to come can have a positive impact on the planet.



We will design content that deliberately represents people with protected characteristics and will actively recruit, hire and retain under-represented groups in tech.

More reasons to shop with us

a plastic bag and bottle with a red cross through them


Plastic free.

More than 95% of all plastic ever created is still in existence today. 90% of rubbish found on the beach is plastic. That’s why every one of our products is – and always will be – plastic free.

yellow and blue garden gloves next to a seedling


Planting trees

We lose 3.5 to 7 billion trees to deforestation each year.

Trees sustain life, supporting millions of animals and ecosystems, including human life, by reducing and reversing the effects of climate change through photosynthesis.

Our website host, Erjjio, plants three trees for us each month with Eden Reforestation Project, and we encourage our Clubhouse community members to plant trees in our Ecologi forest.

a net and carbon cloud to symbolise Buttercup investing in capturing carbon.


Carbon capture

Planting trees is not enough.

We’re part of a growing community of Stripe users committed to carbon removal and scaling technologies to combat climate change. For every product you buy, we contribute 1%.

A laptop plugged into a tree to show our green hosted site.


Green website

Did you know most websites are powered by dirty fossil fuels?

Erjjio powers our website with 100% renewable energy. The site has also been optimised to reduce its carbon emissions, for example by decreasing page load time.

two hands clasped together to show giving back and business for good.


Giving back

We are an official supporter of the Better Business Act, a Work For Good business and part of the Positive community, helping to build a regenerative economy.

A pink heart is hugged by arms.


Ethical Marketing

We pledge to market our products with transparency, trust and honesty, never with scarcity or high pressure sales tactics. Please get in touch if you see us not honouring this pledge.

a gran, mum and daughter engage with augmented reality nature on a tablet. The girl looks at it in amazement.

Take a look for yourself

Including augmented reality prints, 2 monthly subscription boxes and online learning, our products are perfect for children aged 4-8.