For now, please use the UniteAR web AR scanner on your Apple or Google smart device until we release our own app later this year. 

Step-by-step guide

How to use the augmented reality features of our Nature Prints.

1) Using your smart device camera scan the QR code. Click on the url – A pop up will appear saying “” would like access to the camera. Click on Allow. 

2) Position the print and hold your smart device over the print. Click scan target on your smart device screen. Hold the device steady over the print and wait for the elements to load.

3) The web AR viewer, will reveal information and animations! Hold your smart device steady over the print so it is within the markings on screen. You can then move the device closer to the print to enlarge the different elements you are viewing.

4) Interact with the elements. Press the button on screen and you will be directed to an e-learning webpage.

5) Save the web link  – on your device home screen. Ready for later use.

To add the web link on an Apple device under the opened url click the square with the arrow. Scroll down and choose Add to Home Screen.