Curious About Worm Farming


Worm Farming supports soil health. Rachel talks to Urban Worm’s Anna de la Vega about how earthworms play a crucial role in creating healthy, biodiverse soil.

Worm farming (vermiculture) is the process of using earthworms to convert organic waste into the most nutrient-rich fertiliser (worm poo!)

The Urban Worm is on a mission to get more people into worm farming. With support from The National Lottery Reaching Communities Fund they have 1000 packs of 100g of Tiger Worms (Eisenia Fetida) to gift to you. Build and share your home made wormery and apply for your worms.

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Anna de la Vega, an earthworm specialist with brown cheek bone length hair in a black top smiles to camera alongside Rachel founder of Buttercup Learning with grey jaw length bob hair wearing a grey ti shirt.
Buttercup Learning


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