Curious About Foraging and Herbalism


In this episode of the Curious About Nature podcast, host Rachel Mills interviews Julia Bedford, a multifaceted herbalist, artist, and food activist. Julia recounts her move from London to Glastonbury to deepen her connection with nature and discusses her projects at Herbal Brue, aimed at educating people on foraging and herbalism. They reminisce about their nature-filled childhoods and how they shaped their current interests. Julia offers advice to herbalism novices and stresses the importance of community. She shares her nature journaling practices, her artistry with natural dyes, and her exploration of Somerset’s herbal traditions. The episode touches on biodiversity, Remembering Remedies, a collaboration between Julia and Rosie, future projects, and the role of plants in personal growth, emphasising the significance of a grounded, plant-centric lifestyle.

Remembering Remedies is a collaboration between Julia and Rosie and for more details on how to share your stories please go to

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