Curious About Animated Nature Documentaries


Rachel talks to Gavin Strange. Gavin shares how he got into design and animation and became a director at Aardman, emphasising the importance of curiosity, self-motivation, and finding one’s own path in the creative industry. He shares the importance of using different mediums, such as animation, to tell stories and make a positive change in the world. He shares his experience of directing the award winning Turtle Journey an animated film created by Aardman in collaboration with Greenpeace. The animated film tells the heart breaking story of a turtle family travelling through an ocean that is under pressure from climate change, plastic pollution, oil drilling and over fishing.

Gavin highlights the collaborative nature of animation, the importance of nuance and empathy in discussions about climate change and animal welfare, and the value of small changes and personal responsibility.

He also gives advice for parents with children interested in animation and talks about his personal projects. Listen to this podcast to learn how to use your creativity to inspire change and deepen your connection with nature.

Gavin Strange



Aardman/Greenpeace Turtle Journey:

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